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Home’ for each one of us is synonymous with contentment and bliss. The sound of ‘home’ instantly brings a smile on our face. Whichever part of the world we are at, we all crave to come back home, because home is not a place, it is an emotion.

Home signifies the comfort of homemade food, the aroma of Rajma wafting from your mother’s kitchen. The age old recipe of ladoos made for festivities which granny insists must be made in a particular manner for the consistent taste. No restaurant or gourmet dish can ever replace ‘ma k haath ka daal chawal’ .

Every person who has ever lived in a hostel or worked away from home can very well appreciate the importance of home cooked food. Whether it is our own tiffin or from someone else’s home, we have always ditched the Dominos for homemade paratha and pickles.

However, these days we are so entangled with our work life that we can barely enjoy the simple pleasure of a sumptuous home cooked meal. We are constantly on the run, hogging on junk delivered at our office desk from some shabby restaurant that prepares food in bulk. We are so engrossed in our mundane lives that we are forced to relish the bland foreign dishes served to us in the name of ‘no cook Sundays’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after a hard day’s work one could order a meal cooked by someone at home especially for us. The thought of home cooked khichadi and kadhi on a cold night instantly brings a smile on my face. Doesn’t it sound satiating and happy? Someone has rightly said “happiness is homemade”.